About us

Where the brand CHUOCHOU CHIC comes from?

Chouchou Chic is a brand created in Shanghai with cooperation between French and Shanghai designers. It combines French spirits with oriental preferences, integrating creativity into classical elements. A genre of children new classic with European influence and oriental roots. Chouchou Chic inaugurated in 2008 as a children boutique in Shanghai. It operates now with its own independent boutique chain and online shops. With a high-street market positioning, the brand has gained its popularity in China and affects influence in Asia region.

Where are the CHOUCHOU CHIC boutiques?

Chouchou Chic has 2 boutiques in Shanghai. More details can be found in "Our Stores".

Are the prices in the website same as in the boutiques?

With the exchange rate in place, the online prices are on par with the boutique price. The advantage of online purchase through the website is convinence while boutique purchasing offers a personal experience.

What are the advantages to buy online?

Chouchou Chic has its online membership rewarding system. By accumulating membership points, you will enjoy member benefits and use points to discount the price. The discounting rate is of 5%, i.e for every 10 Euro spent, you will be rewarded 10 points, which in turn can be used to discount 0.5 Euro in your next purchase.

Does Chouchou Chic have catalogues?

A Chouchou Chic boutique would typically receive new designs every day. The shelf life of these new items ranges from a few days to a few weeks. This is why we do not publish a catalogue. If we did publish a catalogue it would very soon be obsolete. On the other hand, you can view most of our collections and make your purchase at our online store.